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Huawei's next-gen 'VR Glass' Headset is going to Developers by Year's End and set to publicly launch in April 2021

1 X Final cover Huawei VR Glass


Although technically Huawei released the first iteration of Huawei VR Glass last year, at the 2020 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit held earlier this month, Huawei Consumer Business brought their next-gen VR Glass headset with 6DOF hand controllers.


DOF is the degree of freedom. The higher the value, the higher the simulation accuracy and playability of the VR system.


According to Huawei, the suit adopts the Inside-out positioning method, and the spatial displacement accuracy reaches the industry-leading millimeter level.




In addition to the headset, the matching handle adopts an ergonomic design, equipped with a 360-degree joystick and side gesture buttons, supports vibration feedback, and claims to bring a more immersive and real gaming experience.


It is reported that the package will be available to developers at the end of 2020 and will be available in April 2021.


Currently, Huawei VR Glass headset is priced at 2,999 yuan (about US$450).


3 jpeg  lenses

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Clearly Huawei is trying to gain traction in the hot new VR Glasses arena with a slimmer cooler VR headset that uses what they call pancake lenses that reduces the bulk of traditional headsets that use fresnel lenses set.


Working with IMAX is a nice marketing twist. For now it appears that their partnership is limited to having IMAX movies running on their VR Glass headset and not about shared technology.


2 extra Huawei VR Glass


Huawei VR Glass display supports 3200x1600 resolution (3K resolution). Pixel density 1058ppi, full-view HD delicate with edge imaging not blurred. It also supports innovative dynamic rendering technology that can improve the picture shadow, reduce vertigo and bring the shock of an IMAX virtual giant screen experience.


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3 x Huawei teams up with IMAX


Huawei VR Glass integrated dual speakers, wide sound field, built-in dual SmartPA, sound quality, and support 3D sound stereo, can be connected to 3.5mm headphones, Bluetooth headphones.


I'm not familiar with  SmartPA audio which is also listed as a feature advertised by the RedMagic 5G smartphone associated with "immersive audio."


5 extra SmartPA


At present Apple has a deep patent pool that presents us with many aspects of their future eyewear products. However, Apple's official entry into this market remains a gigantic mystery with rumored time frames too diverse to take seriously at present.


Apple did finally let it be known back in June that their eyeware project was real. We covered that news in a report titled "Apple's Secretive Technology Development Group is working on both AR Glasses and an Advanced HMD with a Stunning Display," that you could review here.


With Industrial Designer Jony Ive now out of the picture, one has to wonder if Apple's advanced HMD project could be reinstated. For now, a time to market for Apple's AR Glasses remains elusive.


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