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On September 03, Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's 5G iPhone 12 will stoke demand for LCP FPCB Modules." The report noted that "Demand for LCP (liquid crystal polymer)-based flexible PCBs is expected to pick up significantly as they will be featured in 5G iPhones' mmWave antenna modules."


A new supply chain report published today notes that Apple is expected to accelerate the adoption of LCP (liquid crystal polymer)-based flexible PCBs for the antenna modules to be used by its future iPhone lineup supporting 5G mmWave technology.


Apple will use more LCP antenna modules instead of current mainstream of MPI (modified polyimide)-based models as the former ones perform better than the latter for high-speed data transmission, said the sources.


Since the US market is focusing on the development of mmWave technology, Apple also intends to sustain a leading market position in this market segment, added the sources.


While Japan's Murata Manufacturing currently dominates in the LCP antenna module segment, Taiwan-based Flexium Interconnect has also achieved major breakthroughs recently in the production of adhesiveless LCP flexible PCBs, making it a potential contender for related orders from Apple in the coming year, said the sources.


The LCP FPCB, also called the LCP antenna, performs good in millimeter waves and is an ideal antenna for the high-frequency and high-speed 5G era.


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