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In Q2 2019 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Invents Mind Boggling Biomedical Smartglasses." Today Apple was granted this patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. At present, Apple Watch is the main device for pushing further into the health arena. In the future, an Apple Watch or iPhone, will be able to work with Apple smartglasses to provide biomedical data that is simply mind boggling in scope.


Apple's granted patent describes systems and methods for monitoring and detecting head gestures performed by a user wearing smartglasses or a head mounted display device that is equipped with multiple light-sensing assemblies.


Apple's patent FIGS. 4A-4E cover a series of head gestures that will be recognized by Apple's smartglasses and HMD.


2 x head gestures and more


More specifically, Apple notes covers more of the various head gestures that the glasses or HMD will be able understand: chewing, blinking, winking, smiling, eyebrow raising, eyes widening or eyes rolling or eyes squinting or the like, humming or other internal vocalizations (e.g., "mmm-hmm", "uh-huh", etc.), inaudible cues, jaw motions, flaring nostrils, speaking or other external explicit language vocalization, mouth opening (e.g., full mouth opening, left-side mouth opening, right-side mouth opening, etc.), ear wiggling or other ear movement, smirking, frowning, grimacing, cheek motioning, emotions and/or thoughts and/or brain functions and/or heart rate characteristics and/or respiratory rate and/or blood pressure and/or heart rate ("HR") and/or heart rate variability ("HRV") and/or oxygen saturation and/or other biometric characteristics and/or any other voluntary gestures and/or any other involuntary gestures (e.g., reactions and/or reactive gestures) or countenance of the user and/or the like may be detected by one or more light-sensing assemblies of the HMD.  


Apple's patent FIG. 1 below is a schematic view of an illustrative system with a head-wearable electronic device for monitoring a user; FIG. 2A shows a perspective view of the head-wearable electronic device of the system of FIGS. 1.


3 apple headset patent figs 1 and 2


Apple's patent FIG. 2i below illustrates another illustrative embodiment of a VR HMD with one or more sensor assemblies.




The devices sensor assembly may include any suitable biometric sensor that may include, but is not limited to, one or more health-related optical sensors, capacitive sensors, thermal sensors, electric field ("eField") sensors, and/or ultrasound sensors, such as photoplethysmogram ("PPG") sensors, electrocardiography ("ECG") sensors, galvanic skin response ("GSR") sensors, posture sensors, stress sensors, photoplethysmogram sensors, and/or the like.


For more details, you could review our 2019 report or Apple's granted patent 10,809,796 for a deeper dive.  


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