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Apple to hold their Financial Conference Call on October 29, 2020



On July 30 Apple delivered a great quarter with 11% Growth over last year and announces a 4 to 1 Stock Split which excited shareholders. Apple has announced today that they'll be holding their financial conference call on October 29th at 2:00 p.m. PT.


Apple announced a great round of products in Apple's fiscal Q4 (calendar Q3) including the new powerful iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 in place of new iPhones. We also learned that Apple is experiencing great Mac growth due to COVID-19 (the Pandemic from China) with many students studying at home and companies allowing their staff to work remotely.  


Analysts, on average, estimate Apple to report earnings per share of 71 cents on revenue of $64.16 billion, according to the Yahoo database.


This compares to EPS of 76 cents and revenue of $64.04 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Investors are likely to brush aside the September quarter iPhone results, given the focus on the iPhone 12, Huberty said.


Morgan Stanley would buy any dip in Apple shares after the Oct. 29 quarterly report on the basis of iPhone 12 strength and positive earnings revisions on the horizon, Huberty said.


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