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For weeks now the rumors were saying that the iPhone 12 wouldn't ship until October. Considering the effects of COVID-19 on businesses, that was almost taken for granted. Still, it was interesting to read that Broadcom stated yesterday afternoon that a ramp-up of annual chip shipments would be later this year than most, likely signaling that the next iPhone will arrive after the usual late September launch date.


Reuters reported that "Broadcom, which earned about a fifth of its revenue from Apple in 2019, said a ramp-up of chip shipments for what analysts believe is the next iPhone will run into the final quarter of the calendar year, a quarter later than most years." That characterization is deceiving considering that most years the iPhone ships in late September being the last weeks of the quarter. Shipping in October would only make it weeks late unless it moves to November which no one is predicting. Making a big deal about a few weeks difference in shipments is useless drama.


The report further noted that "Most analysts have already pushed out their expected launch date of Appleā€™s much-anticipated 5G-enabled iPhone to October after travel restrictions imposed by the novel coronavirus pandemic disrupted work on the devices."


The comments on iPhone delays may have been made during Broadcom's Q3 2020 Financial Result's conference call. For more on this, read the full Reuters report.


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