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1 cover Apple patent using QR codes to sync device data


It was just yesterday that Patently Apple posted a patent report titled "Apple Wins a Patent for Simplifying the Set-Up and Pairing Process between Two Devices through the use of QR Codes." Twenty-Fours later and the developers of the Opera browser introduced this very same feature called "Sync," which shows us that it's likely to end up being an industry trend.


Opera is now offering this new feature between an Opera PC browser and one for your smartphone.  Opera states that with Opera for Android 60, syncing data between your devices is easier. Simply open your QR scanner in Opera for Android, and scan a QR code on your other device. There’s no signup required, and no passwords to remember. Sync lets you access speed dials and open tabs on your other devices, as well as keep a shared set of bookmarks, typed history and passwords – all in line with your preferences.




Removing the need for login credentials makes this feature much more convenient. However, there is also the option to add your email and password, allowing you to restore data onto a new device if you’ve lost or wiped your other connected devices.


Opera's announcement today didn't include the Mac or iPhone nor any word of when this could be made available for Apple devices. The report is simply to point out this new trend that Apple gained a patent for yesterday.


You could check out the announcement by Opera here which also introduces a series of other new features for their browser. Whether Apple is planning  to introduce their newly patented idea this fall is unknown at this time. 


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