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If you like to learn about new technologies in the works or launching, then you might enjoy our report. The new foldable smartphone from Royole debuted yesterday and our report provides you with a quick peek at the new device via a translated keynote video. Secondly, two South Korean firms  have worked together on a new anti-Fake Fingerprint film for smartphones and other devices that is currently in the final stage of testing. 


The FlexPai 2, Foldable Smartphone


The Chinese company Royole rolled out their latest foldable smartphone called the FlexPai 2 in a keynote translated below. The price for its entry unit is US$1466 or ¥9988 which is significantly less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold at US1999. The video below is set to start when the FlexPai 2 is introduced. Watch what you want as it goes pretty deep into the specification including waterOS 2.0 for those that are interested. This could be competition to Apple only in mainland China depending on Apple's pricing of the higher end iPhone 12.



Headquarters for China's Royole is in Shenzhen. Although having a rough start, Royole could be a rising star to be included with Huawei (including their Honor line), Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus.


2 X - flexpai2
2 X - flexpai2
2 X - flexpai2
2 X - flexpai2


It's War against Fake Fingerprints


While I don't remember a high profile case of a user's smartphone being hacked with fake fingerprints, it's now the focus of two South Korean tech firms Real iDentity and Seong Ji Industrial. The two companies have reportedly developed  a new kind of film that is able to detect 99.9% of fake fingerprints on mobile devices.  The product is now entering  the final stage of testing in the Netherlands.


6 - antifake fingerprint technology


The specialized film can be applied to every IT device including smartphones that use fingerprint sensors based on ultrasonic waves. If you're interested in learning more, then read the full ETNews report here.


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