While Apple is set to introduce Major Apple Watch and iPad Updates Tomorrow, Samsung announces a Smartphone event for next week
Facebook wins a Patent for their future Smartglasses in the hopes of beating Apple to Market and Challenging the iPhone

Apple Watch Sailed Past the entire Swiss Watch Industry in 2019 and Apple is set to expand that Lead in 2020 with a Fresh new Line-Up

1 x cover Apple Watch beats Swiss Watch Industry


Six years after Apple unveiled its first smartwatch in September 2014, the Apple Watch has grown into the disruptive force it was widely expected to become. Having dominated the nascent smartwatch category pretty much from day one, the Apple Watch eventually became a big seller and a major threat to traditional watch makers.


According to estimates from Strategy Analytics, based on industry reports and Appleā€™s own financial filings, the Cupertino-based tech giant shipped 30.7 million watches last year, single-handedly beating the entire Swiss watch industry, which is estimated to have shipped 21.1 million watches over the same period, according to a new Statista report by Felix Richter.


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Tomorrow Apple will once again be raising the bar for smartwatches with new health sensors and a new economical model to fend off competitors selling low-end smartwatches like Fitbit. No doubt that Apple will pull further ahead of the entire Swiss watch industry in 2020.


Though to be fair, it must be said that Apple did attempt to attack the higher-end Swiss watch market head-on with prices originally over $10,000 using Gold casings and pushing the celebrity side of the market. Apple couldn't make that leap successfully and quickly changed its focus to being a high-end health tool for athletes and the health conscience consumer where they mercilessly dominate.    


In the bigger picture, Apple Watch is a key product within Apple's overall "Wearables" product line which today includes AirPods Pro. Though shortly, Apple will be introducing  over-ear headphones which is bound to be another smash hit, along with Apple's new tracking devices knows as "AirTags" which will greatly expand Apple's lead in wearable for 2020 in terms of volume.  The chart below came from a second report today by Statista's Felix Richter.


3 x chart 2 statista wearables


10.0F1 - Apple Market Statistics Bar


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