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A report posted yesterday by a local CBS station played a video wherein a surveillance video shows a man casually holding open a door, then reaching behind a woman who is sitting down and snatching her $2,400 Apple laptop that’s in a shopping bag.



One man said after watching the video, "It definitely makes me want to hold my bag closer to me, that’s for sure." Authorities believe the suspect spotted the 46-year-old woman leaving the Apple Store and followed her to a nail salon on the Upper West Side.


Surveillance video from one incident shows two suspects jogging, then moments later racing down the sidewalk with stolen goods.


Security expert Manny Gomez told CBS Cory James the key is to avoid being an easy target. "Your luxury item or whatever you’re buying does not have to be in a bag that’s screaming out, hey, I have an expensive item," he said. "Especially when it’s clear." Below is a map of some the store areas that have been hit. 



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Police continue to do surveillance outside stores. They’ve released photos of some alleged crooks, as shown below, who they say are working together by staking out near Apple Stores to take advantage of customers.


2 x suspects(Click on image to Enlarge)


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