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According to a report by Digitimes, Taiwan's diode makers will be able to maintain their shipment momentum in the third quarter of 2020 thanks to robust demand for notebooks and tablets supporting work-from-home activities.


Taiwan's makers who have entered Apple's supply chain by offering glass passivated package (GPP) bridge rectifiers for MacBook devices are expected to see their related shipments remain on a growth track in the third quarter, said the sources.


That's interesting to learn because back in early 2019 it was rumored by Digitimes, prior to the AirPower being cancelled, that Apple's AirPower was to use glass passivated Package bridge rectifiers. In September 2019 an article on this component noted that it could be used for "'fast charging."


More specifically, it's interesting because Apple won a patent covering the palm rest area of the MacBook having a built-in capability of fast-charging iDevices as illustrated in our cover graphic.


Putting the pieces of the puzzle together looks promising for a MacBook that could, at minimum, provide fast charging, and possibly 'reverse fast charging' of devices like an iPhone and Apple Watch that Apple has patented.  The latter would make up for dropping AirPower.  


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