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Microsoft's Dual Display Smartphone branded the 'Surface Duo' is set to launch on September 10

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On Sunday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft has reportedly Signed a Deal with AT&T to sell their all new Dual Display Smartphone, the 'Surface Duo' in 2020." Our report noted that while Microsoft has delayed their dual display tablet until 2021, the all-new dual display smartphone known as the 'Surface Duo' would ship in 2020 and could ship as early as August 24.


Today CNBC reports that Microsoft is set to launch the Surface Duo smartphone on September 10th starting at US$1,399.99 and CAD$1,861.00 which is clearly aimed at executives, the white collar market and techies with deeper pockets. It's priced higher than some PC notebooks.  


In order to get up to speed quickly, the Surface Duo is a pure Android phone which will provide future customers with access to a massive library of applications that will allow it to compete with the likes of Samsung and Huawei who offer dual display phones.  


All of the Office 365 apps will automatically span to provide more content when they’re opened across both displays. In Outlook, for example, you’ll see your inbox on one side and a detailed view of each message on the right. It’s also working with other companies to help build apps that use both screens on the Surface Duo.


Amazon Kindle has been updated to let the device function like a book, with pages on both sides. Microsoft said it also worked with Spotify


Surprisingly, for that price, the Surface Duo won't offer 5G, the latest Snapdragon processor, wireless charging or NFC for mobile payments.


As reported on Sunday, the Surface Duo will be sold by AT&T, Best Busy and directly through Microsoft’s website. A more expensive $1,499.99 version will include 256GB of storage instead of the 128GB in the starting model. For more on this, read the full CNBC report



The Surface Duo will be launching after Samsung dual display Galaxy Fold 2 set to launch on September 1. Microsoft's new phone is likely to put pressure on Galaxy Fold 2 sales in the U.S.


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