Apple Wins a Pair of Patents relating to their Future Mixed Reality Glasses
Apple Won 62 Patents today covering a Completely Reimagined Mac Keyboard Architecture, the iPhone X Design & more

Apple wins a Pair of Patents Relating to Holographic Imagery generated from Future micro-LED Displays on iPhone & HMD

1 cover holographic imagery


In November 2018 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Patent Reveals Ongoing Work on micro-LED displays in Context with Holographic Imagery." Today Apple was granted a patent for this invention that relates to micro-LED displays that could provide an angle-of-view adjustment layer that may be formed from holographic structures.


Apple's technical granted patent published today notes that display #14 of FIG. 2 below may be an organic light-emitting diode display, may be a display based on an array of crystalline light-emitting diode dies (sometimes referred to as micro-LEDs).


2 holographic


Our 2018 report also noted at the time that Apple had acquired Akonia Holographics, inventors of advanced optical technologies based on Holography for AR Headsets. Apple gained over 200 patents relating to holographic technologies and displays.


For more on this granted patent, check out our original 2018 report here. For more of the technical details, check out Apple's granted patent 10,748,969.  


Apple was granted yet another HMD related patent titled "Multiple user simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)." The first part of the patent relates to an HMD and controller for games or to navigate in VR or MR environments. Apple's patent FIG. 1 below confirms the patent covers an HMD and Controller which may be one and the same or an accessory.


3 hmd system


In relation to holograms or holographic imagery, apple notes that the HMD "system may have a projection system that projects virtual objects into the physical environment, for example, as a hologram or on a physical surface, so that a person, using the system, perceives the virtual objects superimposed over the physical environment.


You could review Apple's granted patent 10,748,302 here as it also relates to being used with future iPhones and other devices like Apple Watch, contact lenses or a next-gen smart windshield and more.   


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