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In the last few days Samsung's August 5th event has understandably received a lot of press. While Patently Apple covered this subject matter in a few reports weeks ago, a few new details have emerged since that time worth noting.   


Our first report listed some of the products and specifications that are expected to be unveiled starting with the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in "Mystic Bronze" as presented below. It will be offering a WQHD+ resolution with 120Hz refresh rate and 4,500 mAh battery and more. Our report further pointed out that the Galaxy Fold 2 was to be introduced.


2 gold samsung Galaxy S20


On June 9th we reported that Samsung's ECG feature (for at least the Korean market) was to rushed to match Apple's hailed Apple Watch feature that has saved a number of lives. On July 4th we reported that Samsung was attempting to get ahead of Apple on the health front. The company introduced an all-new blood pressure feature and app for their watch update. Whether Samsung was able to get FDA approval for these new health features for the U.S. market in time for next week's event is unknown at this time.


Today Samsung released a teaser for next-week's virtual event which provides viewers with faint outlines of five hardware products that will be released. They include their Galaxy Watch Active, the Galaxy Note with new S Pen, the Galaxy Fold 2 and a Galaxy tablet.  




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A few  images that were flashed in the Samsung video are presented below as still images. The first illustrates a new recycling robot that Samsung may introduce as a means of matching Apple's robot known as 'Daisy'.  The second and third images illustrate either technical or patent drawings regarding their work on the Galaxy Fold 2's hinge and folding system; and the fourth image covers their new S Pen in production.  


3 recycling robot

4 XX2- Samsung's patent technical drawings about their Galaxy Fold 2

3 recycling robot


Embedded Secure Element


Late last week Samsung introduced two new features that they wanted to get out of the way prior to next week's keynote. One is an attempt to match Apple's "Secure Enclave" with something that they're calling the "Embedded Secure Element" (or eSE).


Samsung states that the eSE acts as a digital safe to vault confidential data on the Galaxy S20. The chip is carefully designed to prevent malicious actors from stealing eID information even if they have physical access to the smartphone.


6 Samsung eID + Embedded Security Element


eID: Digitizing your ID Documents 


The second image above covers their new eID solution. Samsung notes that "Building on Galaxy’s heritage of mobile security leadership, the Galaxy S20 offers an innovative electronic ID (eID) solution to help users easily manage their personal documents and enable seamless identification and authentication. As the first device to meet the German government and the European Union’s strict security requirements, it combines cutting-edge software with world-class security hardware to deliver a new mobile ID solution.


Later this year, with the Galaxy S20, users will be able to safely store their most important ID documents directly on their mobile device.1 The solution will also give authorities a streamlined process to issue digital IDs.


Users can request to create an eID using just their smartphone. Once relevant authorities verify the request, the eID will be automatically stored and isolated in a secure location on the device.


Thanks to its end-to-end encryption system, the registration process is not just simple but secure. Only the ID issuing organization and authorized device can access a user’s personal data.


To give users peace of mind when creating and using eIDs, Samsung built a storage component that meets strict, internationally-recognized security standards – the embedded Secure Element (eSE).


As the security hardware behind eID, the eSE acts as a digital safe to vault confidential data on the Galaxy S20. The chip is carefully designed to prevent malicious actors from stealing eID information even if they have physical access to the smartphone.


Samsung's Next Event: Life Unstoppable


Samsung's second event is to take place on September 02, 2020 called "life Unstoppable." Samsung's third event, yet unnamed will take place in October.


7 X samsung september event


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