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Patently Apple Update: A New Social Media Option

1 Parler - SM LOGO


A year ago when Patently Apple fans wanted an alternative to Facebook we introduced 'MeWe' to our navigation bar. Today, we have added 'Parler" (pronounced Par-lay, which is French for "Speak") to our navigation bar for those looking for a social media site that's an alternative to Twitter.


The Parler social media site has become very popular in the last few months leading up to the November election in the U.S. and primarily used by conservatives.


Patently Apple's site on Parler is like our presence on any other social media site, focused on delivering our daily Apple news reports. If you happen to be a member of Parler, then you can now find our content there.


Going forward, if you want Patently Apple to cover other social media sites, then please contact us at with your feedback.



Jack Purcher




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