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Apple's 'AirPods Pro' is now a Registered Trademark and Apple updates their 'Digital Crown' Trademark

1 Cover Final - digital crown


This week Apple was issued a certificate of registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for 'AirPods Pro." Secondly, Apple updated their Apple Watch 'Digital Crown' trademark with an addition needed for the Series 5 and beyond.


AirPods Pro is now a Registered Trademark




Apple Updates Apple Watch 'Digital Crown' TM


Apple filed an update to their Apple Watch trademark, specifically for its "Digital Crown." Although you could see that Apple filed it under serial number 90054621, you can't find the update that they've made on the actual filing nor in it's International Class verbiage. The actual update is only seen by the supplement that Apple provided in the form of a "Specimen," as presented further below. 


3 x  Digital Crown tm application

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Apple filed their trademark under International Class 009 with the following coverage: "Computers, namely, wearable digital devices incorporating a wristwatch; smartwatches; input devices for computers."


The update discovered below can only be found in Apple's supplied "Specimen."  Below you'll see that Apple highlighted "Digital Crown with Haptic Feedback" with an arrow. That tiny change warranted the update so that it's legally protected.  


4 apple watch CROWN with Haptic Feedback

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11. Trademarks & Designs Bar


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