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Apple Watch is number one in the world and a Key reason for this is that it could actually save your life according to 5 new Testimonials

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With the Apple Watch now offering features such as fall detection, heart rate notifications, exercise tracking and even the ability to make a call from your wrist, Apple's smartwatch is saving lives and the video below, created by CNET, presents  testimonials from five individuals to prove it. 


The report begins by stating that "No one noticed Toralv √ėstvang fall and hit his head on the bathroom floor that night, except for his Apple Watch. Kacie Anderson used her watch to get out of her car after a near fatal accident left her and her 9-month-old baby trapped inside. The only warning sign Heather Hendershot had that something was seriously wrong with her body came from her wrist. These stories and more have one common thread. Apple Watch saved their lives."  




For more, read the full CNET report. Consumers see Apple's push into health as a positive move and have made Apple Watch number one in the world for it. In early May that Apple Watch Dominated the Global Smartwatch Market Share in Calendar Q1 by Delivering 4X Samsung Sales.


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Photo Source: CNET.  Photo arrangement Patently Apple


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