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While Apple has been working on backside iDevice Controls for over a decade, a Developer leak confirms it's coming to iPhone 12

1 Cover backside touch controls

Update 3:16 p.m.: A Video of this new feature has been added to this report 


Yesterday afternoon Patently Apple posted a report titled " Apple Won a Patent today for Backside iPad Touch Controls, a Project in the works for well over a Decade." Most Apple patents, including this current granted patent, isn't restricted to the iPad alone and is extendable to future iPhones as well.


In a patent report dating back to 2018 we noted that "Apple reveals a new processing unit that will support future backside iPad and iPhone force touch controls that will add a new level of functionality to these iDevices for users. For instance, a user reading a long document may decide to go back a page and touch the back-button on the UI. In the future, a user will only have to tap the left backside of an iPad to perform that function or tap on the right backside of the iPad to move a page forward.


 Each Apple app that will support this function, like Apple Music, Maps or Pages will support this function to perform different functions be it move through a playlist or to tilt a map a certain way." Our cover graphic is one of the patent figures from Apple's patent."


At long last, it appears that Apple is bringing backside touch controls to iPhone 12. A developer discovered this and tweeted about it by stating:  iOS 14 has a new Back Tap feature in Accessibility and it's wild. You can perform quick actions by double- or triple-tapping the *back of your iPhone*. Literally quick taps on the back; works with a case on.



While Viticci was clearly excited about this feature, it was even more fun knowing Apple was working on this feature years ago and detailing it in patent form. It's always exciting to see Apple's IP come to life.


Update, 2:16 pm: Apple fan 'Tekcor' provided us with feedback on this report by pointing us to a Marques Brownlee video reviewing iOS 14 where he points out the 'tap back' feature. The video below is set up to start at the point when this feature is highlighted. You can close the video once that segment is over. A hearty thanks goes out to Tekcor for his constructive feedback. Cheers! 



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