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Samsung is famous for copying Apple's iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch trends. When Apple shifted the focus of Apple Watch towards health, Samsung went to work on introducing their Galaxy Watch Active. When Apple introduced heart monitoring in Apple Watch 5, Samsung scrambled to get that feature approved and did in May by South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the equivalent to the FDA in the US. The app will be made available in early Q3.


To get the jump on Apple, at least in South Korea, the new Galaxy Watch Active2 will be getting a new health app for users in early Q3, Blood Pressure monitoring.


Today Samsung Electronics announced in a press release that the Samsung Health Monitor application has launched in South Korea slightly ahead of schedule, following its clearance by South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) earlier this year. Starting today, Galaxy Watch Active2 users in Korea can access the Samsung Health Monitor app.


To monitor blood pressure on the Galaxy Watch Active2, users will need to first calibrate with a traditional cuff. They will then be able to tap to "Measure" the blood pressure anytime, anywhere through pulse wave analysis via the Galaxy Watch Active2 wrist sensors. The Samsung Health Monitor app analyzes the relationship between the calibration value and the blood pressure change to determine the blood pressure.


When a user measures their blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch Active2, the measurement results can be synced to the Samsung Health Monitor app on their Galaxy phone. User's are able to track their blood pressure by days, weeks or months and choose to share this information with your doctor for review or consultation.


In addition, Electrocardiogram (ECG) tracking will also be supported on the Samsung Health Monitor app in South Korea within the third quarter of this year. Together, the ground-breaking blood pressure and ECG technology will help users monitor and manage their health by providing on-demand measurements.


It also means that the Galaxy Watch Active2 now boasts some of Samsung’s most advanced health and wellness capabilities to date, offering users a range of services to help track exercise, sleep, stress and much more. It provides users with an easy and convenient way to monitor their well-being and receive added health insights.


TaeJong Jay Yang, Corporate SVP and Head of Health Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics: "The launch of the Samsung Health Monitor app demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to providing accessible and convenient healthcare for all by integrating advanced hardware and best-in-class software technology. We’re delighted that Galaxy Watch Active2 users in Korea can now access the new app and receive insights to help them manage their health. We look forward to expanding the app to all future Galaxy Watch products."


To measure blood pressure, users must have the Samsung Health Monitor app installed on both the Galaxy Watch Active2 and the Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung Health Monitor app is automatically installed on the Galaxy Watch Active2 by updating the Watch Software to the latest version via the Galaxy Wearable app. The smartwatch app will then open a link, which will direct users to the smartphone app download page in the Galaxy Store app.


No date was provided by Samsung as to when their Health App will be available for the Galaxy Watch Active2 in Europe and North America.


Apple is holding their WWDC20 this coming Monday and perhaps they'll introduce us to new features coming to Apple Watch 6. If not, it'll be interesting to see if measuring blood pressure makes it to market later this year.   


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