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Rumors claim Apple's next iPad Air will use USB-C and Hon Hai's May-Revenue takes a leap due to the iPhone SE and more

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Taiwan's United Daily News (UDN) reports that "New iPhone SE drives Hon Hai's May revenue." More specifically, the report noted that "Hon Hai benefited from the launch of the new iPhone SE, which led to a stronger consumer electronics business. It boosted its revenue in May to 386.981 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 1.6%."


In a second UDN report published today they state that "Under the sound of environmental protection demands in the European Union and other places, Apple intends to abandon the tradition of its own specifications for the connection cable (charging cable) in the past 13 years. The forthcoming fourth-generation iPad Air will use the current mainstream specification USB Type-C port.


The new iPhone next year The machine will also follow up. This means that in the past, Apple and non-Apple cables with different specifications for 13 years will be unified by USB Type-C.


Industry insiders said that the European Union may introduce a new policy in July, and plans to legislate all electrical ports including Apple to use USB Type-C as an interface, hoping to reduce the waste of resources by unifying the specifications."


This was expected as we had reported on this several times this year. Our last report on this was posted in late January titled "After a Decade of hoping that Apple would Comply with the EU's request for a common Charger Solution, the EU is set force it by law." Our report noted that "Members of the European Parliament voted by 582-40 for a resolution urging the European Commission, which drafts EU laws, to ensure that EU consumers are no longer obliged to buy new chargers with each new device." Other reports on the matter could be found here 01, 02 and 03.


And lastly, Digitimes is reporting that "OLED screens of iPhones may adopt LTPO backplanes in 2021. Apple has yet to introduce its 5G iPhones for 2020, but its supply chain is already developing OLED screens using LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) backplane technology for next year's premium iPhone models, according industry sources." The full Digitimes report can be found here behind a paywall. Note that the link may only last a few days.


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