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1 x Qualcomm Snapdragon 690


While Apple is apparently reserving 5G connectivity for their high-end iPhone 12 models in 2020, Qualcomm stated yesterday that it releasing new 5G chips for cheaper smartphones that represent about 50% of the market.  


While Qualcomm's 5G chips are currently in many premium-priced smartphones such as Samsung's Galaxy devices, Qualcomm is now preparing to get their technology into cheaper devices.


The new chip, called the Snapdragon 690, will go into devices that it expects to retail for between $300 to $500. Phone makers such as HMD Global, the owner of the Nokia phone brand, LG Electronics Inc and Lenovo Group Ltd's Motorola plan to use the chips, Qualcomm said.


Whether Apple will be bringing a Qualcomm 5G modem to their 2021 iPhone SE is officially unknown at this time. However, with all of their Android competitors being able to offer 5G to lower-end phones by late 2020, it's highly unlikely that Apple will fail to address this wireless gap in 2021.  


The President of Qualcomm: 5G Snapdragon 690



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