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In late January Patently Apple posted a report titled "Microsoft's Former Windows Chief Admits Apple's iDevices were seen as an Existential Threat to their core Business." Steven Sinofsky added that "Without a platform that Microsoft controlled and developers sought out, the soul of the company was 'missing.'"


Sinofsky is currently writing or finishing his latest book titled "Hardcore Software: Inside the Rise and Fall of the PC Revolution," as a way to 'de-Microsoft' himself to gain perspective in the industry again, according to the author. In another cathartic move, Sinofsky is back in the news to drive another stake in Microsoft's heart by praising Apple's "Fearless" strategy" in hardware and software.


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One week ago today Apple made another historic announcement that they'll be shifting away from Intel processors to their own "Apple Silicon." The first hardware of its kind is set to debut later this year.


Sinofsky took a look back over the past two decades in the chart below charting out Apple's hardware and software in a historic timeline. Sinofsky commented "Quite simply, what we’re seeing is some of the most remarkable product engineering over time in history." Sinofsky added that "Under the hood, is a team that has done more and executed better than any I can name, ever."


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Sinofsky thinks back: "Having walked in similar shoes for many years, and importantly starting from when Mac was a hammer smashing through a screen, through the lowest lows (fine, we’ll keep doing Office), resurrection, and reinvention, it’s wild for me to consider what makes it so amazing to me."


More specifically, Sinofsky stated that "Three factors continue to blow me away (for lack of a better expression), especially after today: A Fearless multi-year strategy; Clear unified planning/prioritization; and, Wildly unprecedented execution.  


An important part of the Apple model is "fearless" in that Apple is willing to turn over its partners and ecosystem members to new ones in an effort to stay on strategy. This is a key benefit of having committed consumers as everyone’s customers — consumers replace devices on their own."


For Microsoft, "The enterprise computing model doesn't let you turn over customers, because there are only 2000 global companies."


Watching the WWDC20 Keynote, Sinofsky recounts: "My jaw dropped when Tim Cook discussed the transition to Apple Silicon (ASi) as a two year journey. First, that’s like no time at all. Second, that’s an incredibly long time to tell everyone how long it will take and that they should be patient." 


There's a lot more to Sinofsky's commentary and you can read it all over at Medium.


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