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House Antitrust Investigators are pressing Apple to confirm by Sunday whether Tim Cook will Testify in the Antitrust Probe

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Back in late November Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Questions posed to Apple by the Antitrust Subcommittee are made Public covering Repairs, Google's Search Engine Deal +." The questions raised by the Antitrust probe were wide ranging from how much has Google paid Apple to be the default engine, how Apple treats competing apps and questions about Apple Pay and more.


Fast forwarding to today and we're learning that "House antitrust investigators are pressing Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook to say by Sunday whether their CEOs will testify as part of the Judiciary Committee's tech competition probe," according to Axios.


The Judiciary Committee this week sent the companies letters, seen by Axios, seeking documents and answers to the CEO testimony question. The panel wants to hold a hearing with the executives next month.


The letters raise the prospect of subpoenas to force testimony and document production if the companies don't comply voluntarily.


Antitrust subcommittee chairman David Cicilline said in a statement that "These are documents that are essential to complete our ongoing, bipartisan investigation of the digital marketplace. This is the appropriate process to secure their production."


Documents the lawmakers are after include materials the companies have produced in response to other competition probes and internal communications. They also pose a range of questions to each company on issues related to possible competitive harms. For more on this, read the full Axios report.


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