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Apple won 2 iPad related Patents today covering new Housing form Factors and a new Magnetic Accessory

1 Cover - new iPad housings


Apple was granted two iPad related patents by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today. The first granted patent (#10,671,127) covers new iPad form factor concepts that Apple's engineering team are working on that are described as "a computing device having a peripheral housing that defines a cavity and an internal housing volume."


Our cover graphic presents patent FIG. 19 where Apple notes that the internal housing volume could include "a keyboard that can be retracted into the cross-sectional area defined by the peripheral housing."


The series of designs that illustrates some with external cameras and a more tubular design appears to be a different series of future iPads like those for students. That's just an impression and not anything Apple states. A few of the other designs are presented below, with one having a built-in Apple Pencil.  


2 apple 2nd granted patent for new iPad  accessories


This is Apple's second granted patent for this invention. The first granted patent was covered by Patently Apple in November 2019 that you could review here for more details and patent figures.


If you want to know what's new, just check out the patent claims which have a series of new claims covering more housing details including one that points to a new "rectangular periphery" as opposed to the tubular designs.


Magnetic Layout in iDevices & Accessories


Apple's second iPad related granted patent 10,671,121 is far more complex covering their Smart Keyboard Folio and a new accessory as presented below in patent FIG. 17.




Apple notes that in Patent FIG. 17 above we're able to see an illustrated accessory device coupled with the electronic devices, showing the accessory devices engaged with, and suspended from, a magnetically attractable material using magnets in the accessory devices. The magnetically attractable material (shown as a dotted line) may be integrated with a chalkboard, a dry erase board, or refrigerator, as non-limiting examples. As shown, the magnetically attractable material (#1080) is integrated with a dry erase board #1082 that is hung vertically.


There's a lot more to explore in this granted patent that was originally filed in May 2017 and published today by USPTO. Check out the details here.


10.52FX - Granted Patent Bar


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