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Apple Provides Fans with a Daily Update of WWDC20 Highlights

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Apple is recapping each day at this year's WWDC20 that's an all-online event. Today Apple posted highlights for day two and our report touches on day one and highlight CarKey, an Apple invention that began 9 years ago.


Recap of Day Two at WWDC20

Take a deep dive into WidgetKit and App Clips


Today Apple focused on all-things about WidgetKit, a tool that helps you build personal, relevant, glanceable interactions; the App Clip, a small part of your app that’s discoverable the moment it’s needed; new features and enhancements in iPadOS 14 that help create amazing experiences; new CarPlay interfaces and so much more.


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Check out the best of the sessions released today and find out what’s coming next.


Recap of Day One at WWDC20

It was a jam-packed first day at WWDC 2020, full of exciting news from the keynote and the Platforms State of the Union.


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While everyone was blown away with CarKey, the fact is that it didn't come out of nowhere. It all began with a 2013 patent application that was actually filed in 2011 or 9 years ago. Then in 2018 Apple's engineering team on this project filed a follow-up patent that we covered in a report titled "Apple Invents an Enhanced Automotive Passive Entry System …" It's always exciting to see Apple's Intellectual Property finally come to life.


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