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Apple Flash Recaps Day Three of WWDC20 & we Provide you with Links to Five Video Sessions Focused on 'Apple Silicon'

1 X cover day 3 recap WWDC20 Online


In Apple's flash recap video for WWDC20 Day Three, they touch on the Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network that includes achievements, leaderboards, and haptic feedback for Xbox controllers. Most important perhaps was Apple focusing on their new 'Apple Silicon' in five video sessions. Our report links to each of these key sessions for your convenience. Without a doubt, Apple Silicon is Apple's story of the year.  Lastly, our report links you to the Lisa Jackson interview with Obama's former attorney general Eric Holder. Apple fans that happen to vote for the Democratic Party will certainly enjoy this interview. 


Flash Recap Video of Day Three at WWDC20



2 x  game controller haptics +
2 x  game controller haptics +


Five 'Apple Silicon' Session Videos available to View


4. Explaore the new System Architecture of Apple Silicon Macs

View this 23 minute Session here.


5 Port your Mac App to Apple Silicon

View this 40 minute Session here.


6 . iPad and iPhone Apps on Apple Silicon Macs session

View this 40 minute Session here.


7 Bring your Metal App to Apple Silicon Macs Sessionn

View this 34 minute Session here.


8. Optimize Metal Performance for Apple Silicon Macs

View this 45 minute Session here.


To view the other developer sessions that have been made available thus far at WWDC20, check out this page.   


Lisa Jackson's Interview with Eric Holder


9 x Eric Holder


Earlier this month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Announces a $100 Million Dollar 'Racial Equity and Justice Initiative' that will be led by Apple's Black Executive Lisa Jackson."


On day three of WWDC20, Lisa Jackson interviewed former Attorney General Eric Holder. This almost 23 minute interview covers a lot of territory but primarily focuses on the fight for equal justice for Blacks in America. If you're a Democrat, this could be an interesting discussion to view. You could view it in full here.  


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