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Apple Flash-Recaps Day Four of WWDC20 and this report points you to 10 Video Sessions that took place

1 X cover day 4 recap WWDC20 Online


On Day 4 of WWDC20 Apple explored how developers could utilize new Siri functionality to craft great interactions, and how they could provide custom vocabulary so that Siri could respond with more accuracy and personality. SwiftUI 2.0 unveiled some new functionality with 'Outline Group' and 'DisclosureGroup', giving you the power to tailor the progressive display of information in your app. Apple also revealed new keyboard and mouse support for iPad games, how to optimize a Mac Catalyst app, and tons more.


Recap of Day Four at WWDC20



Sessions Highlighted on Day 4


2 Apple Sessions(Click on image to Enlarge)

01: Expand your SiriKit Media Intents to more platforms

02: Create Swift Playgrounds content for iPad and Mac

03: Unsafe Swift

04: Stacks, Grids, and Outlines in SwiftUI

05: Getting started with HealthKit

06: Improve stream authoring with HLS Tools

07: What's new in Mac Catalyst

08: Optimize the interface of your Mac Catalyst app

09: Explore the Action & Vision app

10:  Design for the iPadOS pointer


On WWDC day 5 Apple will be talking about multicolored symbols, more on Widgets and specifically a Widget for tracking your caffeine intake, and more.


3 x Widgets - CAFFEINE

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24 Apple Events


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