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Apple may have access to a new OLED player as soon as 2021 that will allow the company to expand their range of products with the superior OLED displays. Today Samsung has the lions share of OLED for iPhone orders followed by LG that will play a larger role this year. BOE a distant third that may or may not enter the iPhone market until 2021.  


We're now learning that Apple may have another OLED display supplier to choose from for 2021 and beyond while also expanding into mini-LED displays for certain products. A Korean tech report states that while South Korea is currently the undisputed leader within the global OLED display market, China is preparing to challenge the status quo with a new alliance with Japan's JOLED.


Japan-based JOLED and China-based TCL have joined hands and finished the necessary preparations to target the global OLED market. JOLED is looking to target the medium-sized OLED panel market after getting a promise for support from the Japanese Government The alliance has emerged as a legitimate competitor to South Korean OLED panel makers.


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) recently approved a plan for business reorganization submitted by JOLED in order to form a capital partnership with CSOT that is owned by TCL. TCL recently invested $186 million (223.6 billion KRW) in JOLED and agreed to receive about 11% of JOLED’s shares.


Int he "Business Reorganization Plan," JOLED will focus on development and production of OLED panels that are between 10 and 32 inches. It presented a roadmap for full-scale mass-production of medium-sized OLED panels. The sizes outlined could product iPad through to iMacs should Apple consider JOLED in 2021.


Samsung's only way to stay ahead of the new alliance is to secure a greater OLED technology "super gap" that's way out of their competitors’ league, according to Industry sources.


In the end, no matter how this plays out in 2021-2022, it's likely to be a win-win for Apple. They'll be able to play one against the other on price or push Samsung to provide them with next-gen OLED displays with superior value for a reasonable price.


In another scenario Samsung and LG Display could be the premium OLED brands for iPhones while BOE and JOLED could assist Apple in upgrading products from LCD to OLED for the iPhone SE, iPads and iMacs.


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