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Tile Inc. is an American consumer electronics company which produces devices to help users find their belongings, such as keys and backpacks, which use Bluetooth 4.0. The devices work with a companion mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows users to locate lost items through Bluetooth or where they were last seen.


Last month Tile Inc, told a congressional panel that Apple had failed to live up to promises aimed at resolving a dispute between the two companies and introduced requirements that would hurt their business.


Determined to fight as hard as they could against Apple, in order to survive as a company, Tile has now taken their case to the European Commission that is always looking for any possible reason to punish American tech companies.


According to a new Financial Times report, "Apple has been accused of abusing its power to unfairly favor one of its own products over that of a smaller rival, in a move that could exacerbate the tech giant’s regulatory woes in Europe.


In a letter sent to European competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager on Tuesday, California-based tracking app maker Tile argued that Apple was making it more difficult for users to operate its product on their smartphones compared to Apple’s own rival application called 'Find My', by selectively disabling features that allow for a seamless user experience.


The tracking app maker claims that recent changes made by Apple to its operating system have resulted in a more frustrating customer experience when using Tile, as the US tech giant prepares to launch a new competing product.


Tile’s general counsel Kirsten Daru stated in a letter to the EU,  which was seen by the Financial Times that "In the past twelve months, Apple has taken several steps to completely disadvantage Tile, including by making it more difficult for consumers to use our products and services." 


Tile, whose Bluetooth tracking technology allows users to find their keys, phones or other items, also called on the European Commission to open a probe into Apple’s business practices.  


Apple response by statement: "We strenuously deny the allegations of uncompetitive behaviour that Tile is waging against us. Consistent with the critical path we’ve been on for over a decade, last year we introduced further privacy protections that safeguard user location data. Tile doesn’t like those decisions so instead of arguing the issue on its merits, they’ve instead decided to launch meritless attacks." For the complete story, read the full Financial Times report.


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