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Apple has Officially Confirmed that they've Acquired NextVR

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Last month Patently Apple posted a patent report titled "Apple reveals 3D modeling of fingers to be used in Mixed Reality Headsets for Object and Gesture Recognition." In that patent we noted the original rumor about Apple possibly going to acquire NextVR. Our report also presented 11 NextVR patents that Apple would be inheriting should the acquisition proceed covering cameras, streaming content and more.


Today the news was confirmed that Apple acquired NextVR that provides sports and other content for virtual-reality headsets.


Bloomberg notes that "The acquisition may help Apple’s development of VR and AR headsets with accompanying software and content. NextVR supplies content to several existing VR headsets, including Facebook Inc.’s Oculus and devices from Sony Corp., HTC Corp. and Lenovo.


NextVR has deals with sports leagues including the National Basketball Association and entertainment networks such as Fox Sports. The startup also has expertise in live streaming in virtual reality, which could also be useful for live concerts and games." For more read the full Bloomberg report found on their technology homepage today titled "Apple Acquires Startup NextVR that Broadcasts VR Content.


If you're quick, before Apple shuts it down, you could still see some of their content on their YouTube channel here.


Earlier today several rumor reports surfaced pointing to Apple's first eyewear likely to be released in late 2022. 


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