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Pearl Jam's Gigaton (Visual Album Experience) is a bit of a bore but is free on Apple TV+ until Thursday

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Apple is making Pearl Jam's latest album Gigaton (Visual Album Experience) available on the Apple TV app, Apple TV and latest TV 4K for free until Thursday. Afterwards you'll have to pay for to view it.


Apple's marketing material on this video states that "Pearl Jam have released their highly anticipated and long waited new album 'Gigaton.' Their 11th album and first in nearly 7 years is already receiving mass critical acclaim as their greatest and most adventurous work to date. This immersive visual album pairs the bands inspired visuals and footage, produced by the award-winning Evolve Studios, to create unparalleled 360 experience that enhances Gigaton's massive scope. Mixed in the revolutionary Dolby Atmos immersive immersive audio format and provided together wit Dolby Vision high dynamic range video, this visual album experience is the first of its kind on Apple TV. With this immersive audio experience, Pearl Jam fans will have a unique opportunity to hear the album in a completely different way."


Gigaton producer Josh Evans: "I'm excited for fans to be able to immerse themselves in the sound and to hear the depth of layers of these songs and performances. It's truly a unique way to experience this album." Below is one of the available trailers of the Pearl Jam Gigaton video.



I took a quick look at the video this morning, and for sure you have to be a big Pearl Jam fan to appreciate their "visual experience" vision for the album. The vast majority of visuals consist of landscapes and nature that are for the most part disassociated from the lyrics.


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