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Chinese plants have set up strict guidelines for workers to follow that include disinfect hands and shoes at the factory gate. Bring your own towel – and an oddball restriction, "No sunny-side-up eggs." I guess you have to be Chinese to understand that one.


The Washington Post reports today that "Chinese companies are going to extreme lengths to stave off new outbreaks of the novel coronavirus as they reopen for business. It will be a crucial test of whether a country can keep the infection curve flat after lifting social distancing.


The stakes are high for China, economically and politically. After Beijing’s leaders declared victory over the coronavirus, a relapse would be humiliating. Worse, it could tip China — and the world — into economic recession.


David Levine, a professor of business administration at the University of California at Berkeley, said that companies worldwide will need effective protocols to avoid new outbreaks, but also to market their products to wary consumers.


Levine added that "Manufacturers are going to have to convince consumers of the safety of their products. You need procedures in place."


In China, some of these measures are government-mandated, such as opening office windows three times a day for 30-minute stretches. Beijing has suspended the use of fingerprint-entry keypads and forbidden workers from sitting face-to-face while eating lunch.


Companies have added their own rules. Some of the strictest are at manufacturers like iPhone assembler Foxconn Technology GroupChina’s largest private employer, with more than 1 million workers — which is anxious to keep on schedule for a fall iPhone launch. Employees are given strict guidelines such as the ones not in the Foxconn graphic images presented below.


2 x combo graphic of Foxconn health guidlines


At Foxconn’s iPhone-making complex in Zhengzhou, workers have been put into teams of 20 that stick together night and day to facilitate health tracking, according to a notice by the Zhengzhou government.


A Foxconn's own notice reads: "The same group of employees work, travel, live, and eat together to ensure that employees’ personal trajectories are fully traced."


Foxconn cafeteria seats have been labeled with QR codes for workers to scan so the company has a record of who sat where and when for meals, according to company notices.


At their dorms, workers are told to leave their coats and bags in a designated place for disinfection.


The company has even set up an infrared video camera that tracks employees’ body temperatures as they walk by.


Foxconn said in a statement that it was implementing "all recommended health and hygiene practices . . . including the use of nucleic acid tests and chest X-rays when required."


For more on this story, read the full Washington Post report.



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