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Apple's More Natural Voice for Siri appears to be rolling out in Germany starting with HomePod

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Nearly three years after Apple's software chief Craig Federighi announced a new more natural voice for Siri was coming to iOS 11 (see video below), it appears to be finally rolling out in Germany. A German report this morning suggests that the rollout is beginning with Apple's HomePod speaker first.



The Apple news site in Germany was sent an email from an Apple fan stating: "I noticed this morning that the male Siri voice on my HomePod has been improved. The voice sounds much more fluid and natural, but also over-friendly with a slightly higher pitch. On my iOS devices, the voice is still unchanged. [...]."


Another fan wrote into iFun and stated that he was having difficulty with Siri on his iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro with a crazy high pitch like a voice using helium. The new Siri voice for Germany appears to be having a rough start today unless it's not an official start to begin with. For more on this, read the full German iFun report.


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