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The Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office Registers Five 'Apple Card' Design Patents

1 cover Apple Card


Back in June 2019 Apple was granted 27 Apple Card design patents in Hong Kong that focused the Apple Card Chip. Earlier today the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple five registered design patents relating to 'Apple Card.' This time the designs are for the full card face and back. The official documentation simply describes the designs as pertaining to 'Transaction Cards.' Our report covers a series of Apple Card patent figures from each design patent illustrating varying elements of Apple Card being protected.


Unlike "patent applications" that provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to only providing the public with design patent figures. No additional specifics of the design are made available.


Apple Card Design Patents


All five "Registered Trademarks" (RTM) issued to Apple yesterday by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office were filed under Locarno Class 19-08 which covers "Other Printed Matter." This category covers such things as credit cards (Apple Card), smart cards, bank checks, magnetic cards, business forms, ID cards and more.  


The design patent figure below covers 1914627.7M001 which provides you with a 'perspective view' plus a face and backside view. Only the elements that are shown in solid lines are protected.  


2 Apple Card RTM in Hong Kong  1914627.7M001


In the remaining four Apple Card designs below from .7M002 to .7M005 there are slightly different emphasis Apple is making on the face side of the card designs. Apple is ensuring and protecting each element that's important on the card and its actual positioning on the card under different design patent numbers.


Apple wants to ensure in potential lawsuit that Apple has made it crystal clear to competitors that every single element of the card is being patented so that there's no misunderstanding.


In trademark designs, elements in solid lines or text is what Apple is emphasizing and protecting. Anything that is in a dotted outline is not being emphasized or protected under the individual patent number. We've added arrows to quickly point out what is being emphasized in the designs below. For design patent .7M003, the only thing being protected on the face side is the shape of the card with rounded corners


3 x Apple Card RTMs in Hong Kong - 7M002  003  004 and 005 - Patently Apple IP report May 8  2020


For the backside of Apple Card, all five card designs protect a single line, with only design patent .7M005 adding some shading beneath the line as highlighted below.


4 x design patents Hong Kong for Apple Card backside


Below is the registered design patent form in-part for .7M001 with the basic information about the registered design. Beside the registration number changing, nothing on the other forms are different.




11. 0F DESIGN & TMs Bar


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