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Apple to attend a Special Meeting at the White House today to discuss ways of constructively informing the Public on COVID-19

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The White House will convene representatives from the largest technology companies on Wednesday to discuss ways the federal government and the industry can coordinate their response to the unfolding coronavirus outbreak.


Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter are all expected to participate in person or via teleconference, a spokesperson for the Office of Science and Technology Policy said. U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios will lead the meeting.


The social media platforms have also been battling the rampant spread of coronavirus misinformation, choosing to prominently display links to reputable sources like the CDC. Amazon and other online retailers have also been called on to eradicate products that falsely claim to treat the illness and to halt sellers from dramatically raising prices on in-demand goods like hand sanitizer. For more, read the full Politico report.


The White House and Congress on Tuesday negotiated over measures to bolster the U.S. economy and Americans’ paychecks against the outbreak’s impact, prompting a rebound in hard-hit stock markets.


Today Apple has added a special section in Apple News covering the Coronavirus that's not yet available outside the U.S. For instance, the new section isn't available in Canada as of this morning.


The new dedicated Special Coverage Coronavirus section in Apple News Spotlight includes the latest updates from CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Los Angeles Times.


The section also promotes general health stories relevant to coronavirus preparation including tips on hand washing, disinfect cleaners that can kill the virus, and how to prepare for self-quarantining.


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