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Inrupt, the start-up company founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee to redesign the way the web works, is expanding its operational team and launching pilot projects in its quest to develop a "massively scalable, production-quality technology platform."


Inrupt was founded in 2017 to operationalize the Solid decentralization technology, developed by Sir Tim’s team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Last year, Inrupt raised a "significant" sum of money, in excess of $10m, from interested tech companies, individuals and institutions to fund the company’s development.


Some of the big tech companies privately dismiss Solid as a quixotic academic project that is unlikely ever to succeed because users are so path dependent on existing data platforms. But some of the biggest tech companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, are publicly backing the Data Transfer Project, launched in 2018, to help create an open-source, data portability platform that could integrate with Solid.


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John Bruce, Inrupt’s co-founder and chief executive, said the company was working on several pilot projects, including the one in Manchester.


Bruce: "We are seeing if we can collectively deliver better healthcare to UK residents. At the moment that data resides in silos across the NHS. Wouldn’t it be cool if it could be securely delivered straight to your nurse or your caregiver.  You would then have a holistic representation of your healthcare." For more on this read the full Financial Times report.


Apple has been working on a centralized health record system and Patently Apple posted the following three report that touch on this project:


  • 01: U.S. Doctors are putting Patients in Charge with Apple's Health App Records Feature
  • 02: Apple's SVP of Health Services Dr. Desai is interviewed about Democratizing Patient Data and more
  • 03: U.S. Veterans can now Access their Health Records on iPhones


For younger readers, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web by working on  a NeXT computer, one of Steve Jobs’ early products.


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