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Google, Microsoft & Facebook cancel near-term events due to COVID-19 with Google and Apple's larger events still in Question


Update: Major events that are cancelled after this date will be listed at the bottom of this report


On February 12th Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Largest Mobile Trade Show in the World that was set to open on Feb. 24th has been cancelled due to Coronavirus Concerns." That was just the tip of the iceberg.


Business is not as usual as the list of near-term events being cancelled have grown dramatically over the past two days as follows: 


Feb. 28: Google cancels internal conference over coronavirus concerns

Feb. 28: GDC officially postponed the gaming conference until further notice.

Feb. 28: IDC cancels Santa Clara Directions Event scheduled for March 10, 2020

Feb. 27: Microsoft pulls out of video game conference on coronavirus fears (along with Sony, Amazon and others).

Feb. 27: Facebook cancels F8 developer conference due to coronavirus concerns

Feb. 27: HP Postpones Reinvent Partner Conference On Coronavirus Concerns


Google and Apple are also scheduled to have major conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area in May and June, respectively. Google confirmed that it is currently planning to host its I/O conference on May 12 to 14 in Mountain View, and that it’s following World Health Organization and CDC best practices.


It's too early for Apple to make the decision to cancel their WWDC that's scheduled for early June. There are still too many variables in play at the moment. Tim Cook noted in his interview with Fox Business yesterday that Apple is keeping their eye on developments with COVID-19 in Italy and Korea.



Larger branded companies below have either cancelled their own events or have dropped out of events due to COVID-19 concerns


Mar 03: Google cancels its annual conference due to coronavirus

Mar 04: Apple Drops out of the South by Southwest event that was to debut the Documentary Film titled "Beastie Boys Story" and more

Mar 05: IBM Cancels their annual 'IBM Think 2020' conference but will hold a Digital Version of it online with Streaming content & sessions

Mar 05: HBO is the latest to abandon SXSW because of coronavirus


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