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Apple lost its bid to Reargue the Validity of two VirnetX Patents in the U.S. Court of Appeals today

1 X facetime - apple wins another VirnetX legal battle


In November 2019 the U.S. appeals court voided a jury's calculation that Apple should pay VirnetX $503 million for infringing patents. However, the court left in place a Texas jury’s finding that Apple iPhones infringed two VirnetX patents relating to secure communications technology.


After the trial Apple apparently tried to get the other patents in the case invalidated. Today we're learning via a new Bloomberg report that Apple lost it's bid to reargue the remaining two VirnetX patents on secure communications.


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected Apple’s request that it reconsider the November ruling. The court had previously remanded the case for a recalculation of damages.


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