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A third of global smartphones sold in 2019 had embedded hardware security and iPhones led the way with 42% Market Share

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Counterpoint Research Analyst, Satyajit Sinha, stated in a new report that "Smartphone users are increasingly storing personal and professional data including digital banking, payment and financial information on smartphones. This attracts cyber attacks with victims losing real assets, such as money, personal data and loss of privacy."


Apple was the first to recognize this issue and introduced the first embedded solution using a 'Secure Element' starting with the iPhone 5s onward. Patently Apple covered Apple's first patent revealing a "secure element" back in 2014. 


Commenting on the competitive landscape in the secure chipset market, Counterpoint Research Vice President, Research, Neil Shah, noted, "The secure element is a coprocessor within the SoC which assures tamper-resistance and is capable of securely hosting applications. From the iPhone 5s onwards, Apple has been embedding a secure enclave (eSE) provided by the Global Platform. The communication within the secure enclave and application processor is isolated, which secures data from malware attacks."


In Counterpoint's chart below we're able to see that Apple is the leader in smartphones with an embedded 'Secure Element'


One-Third of Global Smartphones Sold in 2019 Had Embedded Hardware Security, Apple leads with 42% Market Share


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Although Huawei made a dramatic leap in this area from 21% in 2018 to 34% in 2019, Apple retained leadership with Samsung in third place with only 13% market share.


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