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The First Batch or Apple's Faster 5nm A14 processors from TSMC recorded a Breakthrough Yield exceeding 80%

1 5nm TSMC for Apple


According to new media reports from Taiwan, TSMC's 5nm process has recently made a major breakthrough, and the trial yield has exceeded 80% for Apple's A14 processor, laying the foundation for the introduction of mass production in the next quarter.


TSMC has previously stated publicly that its 5nm efficiency has surpassed Samsung's 3nm; compared to 7nm, the transistor density is 1.8 times higher, the speed is increased by 15%, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%.


According to TSMC's supply chain, although 5nm is fully equipped with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography equipment, the production process is longer than 7nm, which is a major challenge for wafer foundries, but TSMC has achieved a major breakthrough.


At present, TSMC's first batch of 5nm process trial production of Apple A14 processors, the yield has exceeded 80%.


According to TSMC's plan, the initial monthly production capacity of 5nm configured for Apple reached 51,000 pieces, and the subsequent addition of 5nm enhanced versions created by Huawei Hisilicon, Qualcomm, etc. will increase the monthly production capacity to 80,000 pieces.


Taiwan media reports that Apple will launch four iPhone 12 series phones in the second half of next year, all of which will be equipped with A14 processors with more computing power. A14 uses TSMC's 5nm process, and mass production will begin by the end of the second quarter of 2020. Supply chain sources said that Apple has contracted two-thirds of TSMC's 5nm production capacity, and Apple and Huawei Hisilicon are the first two customers of TSMC's 5nm process.


TSMC will hold a financial report briefing on January 16. TSMC expects that the 5nm process will be the focus of attention.


TSMC's 5nm process is the company's largest investment in all human, material and financial resources, including the Zhuke 12th plant trial production line and Nanke 18th plant production line.


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