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1 Cover  samsung expandable display concept patent - Copy


or scroll and stretch. Our cover graphic illustrates one of Samsung's patent-pending designs for a smartphone with an 'extendable display' that is based on a rollable or scrollable concept which is one of the styles that Samsung laid out in 2018. Note at the bottom of the graphic below to see the display types that Samsung is working on (infold, outfold, rollable and stretchable).


2 types of samsung displays


A report from Korea's ETNews on Monday claimed that Samsung had set up a private booth where they're to show a limited number of major customers their latest patent-pending smartphone concept. The new smartphone allows the user to keep the smartphone compact for everyday tasks like phone calls, messaging and surfing.


When the user wants to watch a movie, TV series or even play a game, the user is able to press a button and one side edge of the phone move to expand the display a few inches, say 6" to 8" or more.


The rumor is that Samsung will be showing a unit that could almost double the size of the display when it's in standard mode. Patently Apple posted a report on Samsung's patent titled "Samsung Invents a Smartphone with a Display that could be Stretched out to a Full Mini Tablet when needed," in early 2018. The Korean report references the patent being one from December 2018 which confirms that we covered the right patent.


The report states that insiders are saying that the new smartphone concept, if their partners agree to support it, could take 2 or 3 years to bring it to market. For more on this, see the Korean report here.


The patent FIGS below are from that same patent that shows that the expanding phone is a manual process versus the rumor of it being a one button or one tap on an app application to turn on the expandable feature.


3X  cover extention display


For the record, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published another Samsung patent application on this concept with a variable form factor that supports the display expanding vertically back in December 2019. You could check out our report titled "Samsung invents a Smartphone with a display that could expand when watching mobile TV or other types of apps," here.


4x  Samsung vertical expansion of display


As Samsung's Patent figure 1C above illustrates a moveable backside plate that the user will be able to manipulate with one of their fingers to expand the display when desired.


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