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A Japanese rumor report today claims that at the conclusion of CES 2020, supply chain members from Taiwan revealed that in addition to Touch ID for the upcoming SE2 iPhone, Apple will a secondary biometric method for authentication.


This budget iPhone with an A13 processor will add Face ID as a secondary authentication option. After measurement, the diagonal size of the iPhone 7 is 137.6mm, which is roughly 5.4 inches for a full screen.


In addition, the budget iPhone's main camera on the back will be much larger than the iPhone 7, and the dual color temperature flash is the same size.


While it is hoped that both Face ID and Touch ID will be coming to higher end iPhones in 2020, adding Face ID to the upcoming iPhone model along with Touch ID would seem to be a bit of a stretch for a budget iPhone – unless Apple is using it as an experimental measure to give it an edge over other budget phones. With that said, one has to be a little skeptical about this added biometric option.


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