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With CES 2020 beginning next week PC companies are preparing to make a series of announcements on products what will be coming to market throughout 2020. Dell is one such PC vendor that sent out a press release today outlining their roadmap of products for 2020.


They're press release is titled "Dell Technologies Launches New Era of PCs and Displays with 5G, AI and Premium Design for Work and Play."


  • Productivity gets boost with Latitude 9510, the world's most intelligent 15-inch 5G-ready business PC with built-in AI
  • Thinner and smaller XPS 13 debuts its first-ever 4-sided InfinityEdge display for virtually borderless viewing experience
  • Dell’s top-of-the-range displays meet needs of wide variety of users


What's not in their press release is dell preparing to launch software in the coming months that will allow iPhone users to mirror their iPhone screen on Dell notebooks.


According to Bloomberg, the new feature will roll out as an update to Dell’s Mobile Connect software, which added similar functionality for Android handsets in 2018. The update, will also let Dell users drag photos, videos and other files from their iPhone to their PC.


The software requires the download of an iPhone app and works with Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware laptops running Windows 10.


People using Mobile Connect with an iPhone were previously able to get notifications and send texts. Dell said more than 150 million calls and texts have been sent via the software, with half of those happening via Apple Inc. devices.


Dell, the third-largest PC maker, sees the software as a way to get more people to buy its products. Apple has offered deep integration between its Mac computers and iPhones for years, including easy file transfers, messaging and calls, but does not offer a screen mirroring feature. For more on this, read the Bloomberg report titled "Dell to Let Apple Users Control iPhones From Their Laptop."


This could be very appealing to enterprise users that prefer Dell notebooks yet own an iPhone. 


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