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Can we expect to finally see an Edit Button on Twitter like Facebook offers? No, as in NEVER and here's why

1 X Jack Dorsey anwsers questions from Twitter fans


Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey uses the power of his own website (Twitter) to answer frequently asked questions about one of the world's most popular social media platforms, Twitter!


Is the Twitter bird' really named Larry? How can you identify a Twitter bot? Why does Twitter have a character limit? How do you get verified on Twitter? And most importantly, will Twitter finally give us that damn "Edit Button" we all want like Facebook offers?


Jack answers all of these Twitter-centric questions and much, much more! So what is the answer to seeing that badly needed edit button? Maybe Twitter can do this or do that but the bottom line is "no" to an edit button. And frustratingly it's a definite no, as in it's NEVER going to happen.


Jack discusses the matter between the 3:00 – 4:06 minute marks of the video below with his full executive explanation.



Jack Dorsey carefully laid out the issues that go along with an edit button which are both possible and plausible. As a fully automated system, the risks of allowing users to completely alter a tweet instead of just editing errors is too high.   


2 - don't post this ... yet about editing button


The video is courtesy of Wired.


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