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Apple Publishes its Worldwide National Security requests for Customer Data

1 Cover Apple Transparency Report


Yesterday Apple published its biannual transparency report that reveals its FISA figures for the first-half of 2019 which translates to how many requests were made worldwide by governments for user data. The data covers the time period of  Jan. 1 and June 30, 2019. The Justice Department rules dictate that there's to be at least a six-month delay in reporting the data.


The timing of the release of this data is interesting considering that on Monday Attorney General William Barr, supported by the Director of the FBI, clarified that 'Apple had not given any substantive assistance' in the Shooting Case in Pensacola Florida. Apple fired back stating formally that they rejected that characterization and stated that they responded to many requests since the attack that have been timely.


However, in December Senators Threatened Apple, Facebook and other tech companies that they'll regulate encryption if they're Forced to and gave the industry one year to come up with a solution so that tech companies comply with a court order to open an iPhone for data needed in case. Barr's commentary last week likely indicates that the government is building a case against Apple regarding encryption.  


With that said, Apple's release data yesterday covering Government and Private Party Requests provides the public with a breakdown of the numbers and types of requests made by various agencies.


In-part, Apple's introduction states the following: "Apple is very seriously committed to protecting your data and we work hard to deliver the most secure hardware, software and services available. We believe our customers have a right to understand how their personal data is managed and protected. This report provides information regarding requests Apple received from government agencies worldwide and U.S. private parties from January 1 through June 30, 2019.


Government and private entities are required to follow applicable laws and statutes when requesting customer information and data. We contractually require our service providers to abide by the same standard for any government information requests for Apple data. Our legal team reviews requests received to ensure that the requests have a valid legal basis. If they do, we comply with the requests and provide data responsive to the request. If we determine a request does not have a valid legal basis, or if we consider it to be unclear, inappropriate and/or over-broad, we challenge or reject it."


Apple reports on requests and responses in the following categories:


1) Worldwide Government Device Requests

2) Worldwide Government Financial Identifier Requests

3) Worldwide Government Account Requests

4) Worldwide Government Account Preservation Requests

5) Worldwide Government Account Restriction/Deletion Requests

6) Worldwide Government Emergency Requests

7) United States Government National Security Requests

8) United States Government Device Requests by Legal Process Type

9) United States Government Financial Identifier Requests by Legal Process Type

10) United States Government Account Requests by Legal Process Type

11) United States Private Party Requests for Information

12) United States Private Party Requests for Account Restriction/Deletion

13) Worldwide Government App Store Takedown Requests - Legal Violations

14) Worldwide Government App Store Takedown Requests - Platform Policy Violations


Below is a complete copy of the Apple's report in a Scribd document for those wanting to review the entire data sets provided along with Apple's commentary.


   Apple Transparency Report Requests 2019 H1 En by Jack Purcher on Scribd



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