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1 x cover a Galaxy Fold


Yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, Samsung Electronics' President Young Sohn revealed the company had sold 1 million foldable Galaxy Fold smartphones. Estimates from October pegged sales at that time at 500,000 units. Sohn stated "I think that the point is, we’re selling a million of these products" and that "There’s a million people that want to use this product at $2,000." Today Samsung's Head Office spokesperson backtracked on that statement.


Today Samsung Electronics denied media reports that the company has sold one million Galaxy Fold smartphones globally since the device's launch in September.


In a Korea Herald report today, Samsung spokesman said "Sohn may have confused the figure with the company's initial sales target for the year, emphasizing that sales of the tech firm's first foldable handset have not reached 1 million units."


That's quite an embarrassing admission considering that Sohn made it a big selling point of reaching the million unit mark during his TechCrunch event appearance. If a President is unable to tell the difference between a sales target and what actually shipped, then he's either totally incompetent or that he purposely misled TechCrunch and the media covering yesterday' event. Either way it's an embarrassment that tarnishes the Samsung brand.


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