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15 Members of the European Parliament Sent Apple angry Letters Demanding a Correction to their Maps App concerning Crimea

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At the end of November Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Backlash over Apple's support of Russian Demands to Change Apps supporting Crimea as Russian Territory Continues."


It was reported today on Ukrainian news channel 11.UA that more than a dozen Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) sent letters to the office of the American company Apple demanding to correct incorrect information about Crimea, which was indicated in the Apple Maps and Weather applications as the territory of the Russian Federation. Representative of Ukraine to the EU, Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg Mykola Tochitsky (pictured above) announced on Twitter.



The European MPs said in a letter to the company: "Our message is clear: no country can stand above the international rule of law, therefore it is alarming that private companies such as Apple are ready to undermine these laws in order to maintain consumer relations with the Russian Federation."  


According to the ambassador, the head of the Friends of European Ukraine group in the European Parliament, parliamentarian from Lithuania Petras Austrevichus, initiated appeals to Apple. On the first day of the campaign on December 7, about 15 members of the European Parliament sent letters to the American company about Crimea.


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