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U.S. President Donald Trump, touring an Apple Inc. assembly plant in Texas, said he’s “looking at” exempting the iPhone maker from tariffs on goods imported from China.


Trump made the remarks Wednesday alongside Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook at a Flex Inc. facility in Austin, Texas, that is manufacturing Apple’s new Mac Pro desktop computer. Trump repeated previous comments he’s made that it isn’t fair for Apple to be taxed on iPhones built in China given that South Korean rival Samsung Electronics Co. doesn’t have to pay the China import duties.


The President stated that "The problem we have is you have Samsung -- it’s a great company but it’s a competitor of Apple and it’s not fair if -- because we have a trade deal with Korea, we made a great trade deal with South Korea, but we have to treat Apple on a somewhat similar basis as we treat Samsung." (Bloomberg)


CNBC noted that the President stated in a brief conversation with reporters after the tour: "I would always talk about Apple, that I want to see Apple building plants in the United States, and that’s what’s happening. And Tim Cook is someone I greatly respect."



Cook and Trump were joined by White House advisor Ivanka Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, while in Washington, D.C., the House Intelligence Committee continued its impeachment hearings. Trump touched on the hearings in the briefing with the media. For more on this, read the CNBC report.




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Should Apple decide to send out a press release on the Trump tour, we'll add it to this report if it's minor and write a follow-up report if anything major is revealed.


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