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1 x Cover Moto Razr foldable phone


On October 29 Patently Apple posted a report titled "CNN Catches Up to the News that Samsung is Considering a Second Folding Smartphone Form Factor in 2020." Samsung's original Galaxy Fold blew up in their face before even getting off the ground with nightmare problems with their display.


We updated our report the next day noting that Samsung Electronics had wowed spectators at its annual developer conference, SDC2019, held on Oct. 29 in San Jose, California, with a rendering image of what could be the firm’s next foldable smartphone as noted below (right image).


2 Samsung does show flip phone design as expected


Earlier in October we posted a report titled "Samsung to Introduce a Second Foldable Smartphone Design that Reinvents the Classic Flip Phone using Next-Gen Thin Glass."  


The report stated that "It is expected that Samsung Electronics’ next foldable Smartphone will be folded at the center where there is a horizontal fold. Because it is expected to be longer but has a narrower screen than Galaxy Fold, it focuses on portability rather than large screen. It is likely that the size of its display will be 6.7 inches."


3 x flip phone revival


Samsung was hoping to be first to reinvent the flip phone but Motorola has beaten them hands down with the Razr phone reborn. Engadget attended the Motorola media event and put together an initial hands-on review as presented below.



The Razr goes on sale in January in the U.S. with pre-orders beginning on December 26. It should hit Canada sometime later in Q1 2020. CNET put together a nice chart as seen below that compares the Razr to the two other foldable smartphones.


4 X chart Razr vs Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X


For those interested in the new Motorola Razr, check out the full reviews by Engadget, CNET or T3.


As for Samsung, Motorola will beat them to market with a vertical folding phone fair and square and from what I could see of the Razr, the display doesn't show any folding crease like we've seen on the Galaxy Fold.


At the end of the day Samsung will lose the ability to crow about being first to market with a vertical folding phone.


With that said, I don't get the appeal for the Razr at US$1500 or $2,000 Canadian. If anything it'll make the 2020 iPhone with 5G seem cheap.


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