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Apple's slight tick upwards in China in Q3 was due to the earlier release of their Entry iPhone over Last Year

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IDC's latest report states that smartphone shipments in China stood at 98.9 million units in the third quarter of 2019, down 3.6% year-on-year. This marked a narrower decline than the first half of the year, in part due to Huawei's strong performance.


Will Wong, Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific: While "Huawei gained share at the expense of almost all other market players, Apple was able to buck the trend with its competitive pricing strategy and brand name – in spite of US-China trade tensions and the lack of a 5G model."




IDC reported that Apple achieved a 5.6% year-on-year growth by offering competitive pricing and notable improvements in camera and battery life for its new iPhone 11 series. In addition, the new entry-level model shipped one quarter earlier this year, thus also supporting the year-on-year growth rate.


As for market leader Huawei, their market share reached a record high of 42.0% with its increased brand appeal and strong channel partnerships. While the Changxiang and nova series were the volume drivers, the high-margin Mate and P series provided attractive channel margins. This strategy played a crucial role in sustaining Huawei's performance in China.


For second place Vivo, their success centered on winning the US$150-200 and US$200-400 segments with its Y and Z series. The iQOO series also fueled the vendor's performance by targeting tech-savvy users, while its competitively priced 5G model successfully garnered attention in the market.


Samsung didn't make the top five vendor's list even with their lower priced A-Series. Samsung will try to win some market share by challenging Huawei's coming Mate X foldable phone with their Galaxy Fold.


Though in a tough market, I doubt that there will be millions of Chinese citizens looking to buy a foldable smartphone between $2000 and $2400 this holiday season – or any season for that matter.


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