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1 Cover - Apple Thermal Regulator System for hmd  Patently Apple report mar 7  2019


Patently Apple posted a patent application report back in March titled "Apple Invents a Thermal Regulation System for their Head Mounted Display System." A lot of heat is generated within the eye chamber of a head mounted display (HMD) device and Apple has created a mini thermal regulation system in order to keep the eye chamber cooler and more comfortable to the skin for future users.


Apple's patent FIG. 1 below is a perspective view illustration showing a head-mounted display; FIG. 2B is a top view showing the head-mounted display worn by the user; FIG. 12 is a front cross-section view of a head-mounted display including thermal regulation components




You could review our original report for more details and patent figures here or check out granted patent 10,492,346 issued today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Apple Inventors


Jae Hwang Lee: Product Design Manager; Lead a product design team focused on defining new category of products


Fletcher Rothkopf: Senior Director of Product Design, Technology Development Group


Holly Gerhard: Research Science Manager


Laura Campo: Thermal Product Design Engineer


Sivesh Selvakumar: Product Design Engineer


10.52FX - Granted Patent Bar


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